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NewportFed Charitable Foundation Giving Guidelines

Adopted and formed on June 22, 2006, the NewportFed Charitable Foundation contributes to causes within it’s communities in the general area of Newport County and Washington County. The NewportFed Charitable Foundation offers a source of support to non-profit organizations that people depend on for health and human services, community development and education. As a general rule, once a request has been granted the Foundation will not consider any additional grants for a period of twelve months. Exceptions may be made in case of emergency, e.g. hurricane or other natural disaster.



Eligibility for Funding

Only 501c3, tax-exempt organizations are eligible for funding. Our giving priorities exclude grant funding for individuals, political, and sectarian causes.

How To Apply

To assess the scope of the organizations' work in the community, a complete proposal including the following financial information should be
submitted to the Foundation:

  • A copy of the organization's IRS 501(C)(3) Tax Determination Letter and Tax Identification Number
  • A cover letter identifying the objective of the organization and proposed request
  • A copy of the organization's budget and budget for the specific project, if applicable
  • A list of donors that provide support to the organization or plan to support the specific project
  • A list, and professional identification of, the organization's Board of Directors
  • Information regarding any prior funding including the amount, purpose, and year of grant

Request Forms Are Only Available Online

Simply access the online form by clicking here.

If possible, please send requests via e-mail. If you have problems with the on-line form, please provide the requested information as an attachment. DO NOT send requests via US Mail if already sent by e-mail.

You may submit your request form with scanned documents to:

The Mailing Address Is:
Judy Tucker
NewportFed Charitable Foundation
P. O. Box 509
Newport, RI 02840


Responsibilities Of Recipient Organization Or Program

Recipient organizations may be called upon to document how the donated funds were used and any funds not used for the designated purpose of
the grant will be returned to the Charitable Foundation.

Grant Making Calendar

The NewportFed Charitable Foundation will accept applications according to the following schedule. Applications must be postmarked by the
indicated due dates:

Time Period: Application Due Date: Organization Notified By:
October - January January 31 February 28
February - May May 31 June 30
June - September September 30 October 31